About Me

In late spring, Amir Masoud Lufan stepped into this world. My Birthday is 1983/06/07

I started my studies in Metallurgy from Najaf Abad Azad University and continued my Master’s Degree in Geography and Tourism Planning – Regional Tourism Planning. Degree in training program in hotel management from Module University in Austria. Has a hospitality leadership program from Accor Hotels academies in France

My work with Sepidan Fom Parsian has been managing since 2005 and managing the Isfahan Victory International Hotel since 2006 and has been the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Isfahan Shahrzadbal Air Travel Services since 2016

My honors so far, the country’s top director of tourism, honored by the President of the Republic and Mr. Soltanifar in 2016, and is the Chief Executive Officer of the Assessment and Grading of Residential Units of the Cultural Heritage, Crafts and Tourism Organization. Assessor and Evaluator of Residential Units Services, Equipment and Human Resources in the Residential Units Grading Plan of the Iranian Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization. Evaluation of Isfahan and Chaharmahal & Bakhtiari Residential Units in 2016 and 2017